Success Roadmap


The nature of golf produces many players passionate about the quest for improvement. Golfers invest millions of dollars a year on playing, lessons, equipment and training aids in an effort to score lower and find more enjoyment. Due to the lack of proper and thorough instruction these same golfers often come away disappointed, seeing no value in the money invested.

The passionate golfer must look to train in the same way that the elite tour professional does to maximize results. Touring professionals have provided the model for complete success in the game of golf. Their golf games evolved with the best:

  • Swing coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal trainers
  • Sports psychologists
  • Properly fit equipment
  • Agents
  • Supporting cast (family, friends supporters)

The Performance Golf Academy will provide these same opportunities and support to the passionate golfer. Our academy staff has a proven track record of success as both teachers and competitive players.

While training as touring professionals we became aware of the need to cover all aspects of golf to achieve our goals. In doing this we had to employ up to four different coaches and travel many different places to get quality coaching. The idea of having a teaching professional, fitness trainer, nutritionist, custom club fitter and sports psychologist all under one roof was what prompted the Performance Golf Academy idea. This will allow our clients to train in a way that will promote improvement through a well rounded coaching platform.

The academy staff’s impressive playing resumes also give us an insight not often found in the teaching industry. We have had to hit shots and test our theories under the most intense pressure. The how to is only a small part of improving as a player, the application of these fundamentals in a competitive playing environment is the true test for a player.

Whether you are the casual golfer looking to win some money in your weekend foursome, or the high level tournament player our insight will be invaluable in reaching your goals.

The Complete Player

This diagram demonstrates that reaching your potential you must excel at all of the traits in the circle and not just in one area. Player performance can be affected if any part of the circle is not functioning at a high level.

Our students will be trained to become proficient in all of these areas.


Students will be given individually designed fitness and nutrition plans to optimize golf performance and promote a healthy life style by our TPI certified instructors

Repeatable Technique

All students will be given a complete understanding of their swing and what makes it function consistently. Through this process the student will be empowered to become their own best coach and develop an understanding of their mechanics. Each student will be given an individualized program for improvement that matches their physical makeup and maximizes long term results.


Students will be provided with coaching on managing their emotions, dealing with success and failure, carrying themselves in a professional manner and instructed on training with a purpose and how to structure their practice sessions


The academy will provide certified club fitters and the latest custom fitting equipment. Properly fitted equipment will give our students the best opportunity to maximize their potential and shoot low scores.

The ability of our coaches to know the students program for long term improvement allows us to fit the golfer for where they are going and not just the here and now.


All academy staff will provide mentoring to all of our students and be available by email and phone contact on a regular basis. Our goal is to prepare our clients for life as a high functioning student athlete..


Academy staff will aid all students in contacting and marketing themselves to potential college programs. The staff members have existing relationships with many of the most prestigious collegiate golf programs in the country. This service will include preparing introductory letters and building a swing video for college coaches.

Academy staff will also aid students in preparing for the challenges of college life and how to prioritize their time to be outstanding student athletes.